Deep River Lutheran Church (1902)

Deep River Church

Deep River Church

This historic church is being restored. Too many soggy winters have taken their toll.

You can be part of this project by making a financial contribution.

Mail check to:

Deep River Church PO BOX 1, Rosburg WA, 98643.

Please join us with your contribution!

😀⛪🌻🏅Darlene & Rodney Ammer, Annette Bolsar, Delores & Patrick Carlson, Carol Ervest, Lucia LaRocca, Victor & Wendy Liguori, Eva and Ron Malerich, Nancy & Peter McGuire, Byron & Judith Miller, Brandon Novoselić, Darbury & Krist Novoselić, Robert Novoselić, Nick & Dee Nikkila, Richard Powers, Amelia Raine, Alan & Ann Richards, Richard & Mary Stender, Loretta Smalley, Debbie Timmons, Pam Morgan Vandeveld, Chris Wallace.


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Story in Wahkiakum County Eagle.

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From the book Early Churches of Washington State by Arnold and Esther Pearson (1980 University of Washington Press)

Deep River Church

Deep River Church