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Walter Cronkite Album cover.

Walter Cronkite album audio snip on war propaganda from the 1960s. The audio file is 2.4mb.

Illustration of marchers in parade.

My OpEd on the new Cascade Party blog THE SUMMIT, "Forced Speech in Colorado".. It's about how Democrats are trying to keep a certain candidate off the presidential primary ballot. In a rational political environment, this 14th Amendment stuff would be written off as fringe politics. Am amazed with how many buy into this nonsense; and it shows how deep the neoconservative warfare-state narrative seeps into peoples' minds. Heaven help us. Alas, I don't write about that in my article. I instead cite legal precedent regarding the protection of private association -for everybody- in our country. I argue for the rights of people organizing events like Pride Parades to control their, and the communities they are advocating for, message.

Yakima Herald headline.

My OpEd about gerrymandering's return to Washington State. Krist Novoselić, in Yakima Herald Republic

Rick Beato in full statesmanship mode! Standing up for creators with the AI issue.

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