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January 20, 2024

Susie Tenant.

Charles R. Cross on Susie Tennant in Seattle Times. I knew Susie was transitioning from the mortal plane. Sorry to hear this all the same. Susie was so much fun and had a passion for music. She was the Geffen label rep in our area. We met her before Nevermind was released. We all became friends and partied all over Seattle at the time before fame struck. She would treat the band on the Geffen Records credit card, which even made her even more endearing. Susie loved music and cared for the people who created the sounds. Loving thoughts to her memory and family. — Krist

Darbury Art

Krist w/ Geddy Lee.
Krist with Geddy

Geddy Lee did a documentary about my lifestyle. If you are curious with how I live, the program should satisfy. I am so blessed to live how I do. I am safe and warm with plenty of food. It's all a person really needs. I have great luxury too — I fly my own plane, have my own schedule, drive a Tesla, and much more! I am not bragging!!!! Geddy invited me to be on his program. It's like an ex cathedra summons — if Geddy calls, one must answer.

🎥January 18, 2024📽️

Krist flying plane.
Flying the Aztec in better weather.

Hello everyone! Sharing this image of me flying the Piper twin-engine — but in better weather. Been really cold here in Deep River and now cold and raining. So, no flying. I have been doing OK, fretting about a few things, but nothing overwhelming. Am reading Dostoyevsky's "Devils". Took a few pages and then got into this 756 page novel. Lot's of character development. I dug out my old 16mm cameras and have been filming. Look out for some some films like "Krist: The Movie", "Sparpole: The Film" and, of course, "Darka SUPERSTAR". I have found old reels of film that I have transferred digitally on quality equipment. The back of closets are a treasure trove for sure.

January 9, 2024

Krist in field.
Krist in winter.

🥁January 4, 2024🎥

Krist w/ Foos

Happy New Year! Here is a video with me and Foo Fighters in Seattle 2018. (video 31.2mb)

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