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✈️July 14, 2023🛩️

Krist Fueling Plane

Connection, Nwaro! Connection, Sekret? Connection, Kabba. Connection, Pornographer; Jetset, Psychofunkdiscodelic, Rubrique. Connection, Airways, standish, Element. Connection (Hger)? Connection, Utilizes, Chandelier, Provisional, Hercules?

🤩July 14, 2023😍

Shred With Shifty

On the first episode of the new podcast series Shred With Shifty, which features host and Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett getting a front-row lesson from our favorite guitar heroes, Shiflett learns the solo from Rush’s “Limelight” with a little help from the man who wrote it, Alex Lifeson. According to Shiflett, Lifeson’s lead on the song “does exactly what a great solo should do. It’s a scene change, it’s kind of emotional, it builds, and yes, it shreds.”

🧐July 12, 2023😕

Teenage girl in ad
What is her expression?!!!

Bill Redpath has this excellent Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune about the terrible ballot access barriers for independent and 3rd Party candidates in Illinois. I encourage you to read it, however, while I read the piece I got the ad above and noticed the girl wearing the Nirvana beanie. She looks kinda sad, but nevertheless, is extreamly stylish. Perhaps she too has read Bill Redpath's article and is just shocked at how seedy Democrats and Republicans are in Illinois! Check out Bill on the must-read Ballot Access News.

☆July 9, 2023☆

Check out my new site and idea for election reform in Washington State:

Redistricting in Washington State is broken.
But we can fix it with proportional representation.

Redistricting is all litigation, all the time in our state — to the point where our state commission is no longer the authority on legislative boundaries. Special interest groups, through the legal system, now pick who wins and loses elections. Top 2 Pro is a simple fix to our State House elections empowering voters to choose who best represents us.

☆July 5, 2023☆


🍯🎁June 26, 2023🎤🎯

2nd 3rd Secret Album Cover

2nd 3rd Secret

Finally, after this-and-that and whatever, the new 3rd Secret record. The 2nd 3rd Secret was more of a group effort with the band actually in the same studio playing songs together; unlike the 1st 3rd Secret, which did have group jams, but was constructed through technology. I hope you like this new record.

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