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July 17, 2022

Krist and Cirrus.

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July 12, 2022

Dad and Pompey at OHSU.

I slept, I left for town 7:30 am get to town in time for senior discounts, bought food basic additives. I wish that "keep greens GREEN" spray, only not as chemical addedatives, I can only eat 1/2 a "head lettus" a week, forsing it, adding salad scrunchies! You know "nuts" SOY bacon bits, salad type sauses, not pre-made "Whole Goddess CRAP".... man have the world food supplies run. Its NUTS! Get it SOY,bacon bits, peanuts, sunflours, toasted in more salt, they can't even give us the basics of real food, with out major reconfigureration, three day this week, I got 3 hours sleep, 5 hour noticing the extra hours I tried, I mean if you have to place yourself into a state of mind, that your fooling yourself to some type of sleep.

June 30, 2022

Stars in the sky.

The instant I have two date: string bug fixes for right.

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Image: Michael Dean

June 20, 2022

Daily Mail Link.

Nut crashes car into political paraphenalia. Driver apparently wanted to take a deep dive into politics without taking the time to study policy. This is an extreme case, but typical of reactionary attitudes. To be more smug, I say he's got a great taste in music!!!

June 14, 2022

"The fact is, scientific man cannot survive if he is going to continue to make war. I cannot bear the thought of many...people dying in agony...only and solely because the rulers of the world are stupid and wicked!" Bertrand Russell.

June 12, 2022

Darbury & Krist in automobile.

June 11, 2022

Vinyl Rewind unboxes the NIRVANA Nevermind vinyl box set. BTW/ these platters sound great. Jack Endino and I sat down and listened to the test pressing to make sure the sound quality was as high as the packaging.

June 9, 2022

Bubba & Kim playing guitar.

3rd Secret can converge. It happens! Bubba and Kim focusing on guitar. (Check out the Darbury Denim tapestries.)

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