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February 23, 2022

Jack at protools screen.

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🗿February 19, 2022🗿

Vintage Krist in Bassplayer

Here is an interview from 2011 I did with Bassplayer magazine. I have not read this in years, but recall being happy with how it turned out.

Note how I am referred to as a "political activist". I don't consider myself a political activist, rather, I engage the political system. I find, especially on social media, too many confuse web surfing, or sharing memes as activism. Engaging the system involves trying to understand policy, and associating with likeminded others to try and affect change.

I am really busy trying to finish a record. In the middle of some hangups - looking for a mid-March release. Visitors to this blog have seen glimpses of "Third Secret". But it's a secret, so don't tell anybody!!!

🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿

♫ February 17, 2022 ♭

More of the Third Secret

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♫ February 15, 2022 ♭

The Third Secret

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🌹 February 14, 2022 💌

Nate and Kim at the baitshop

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February 9, 2022

Spokane Spokesman-Review Headline

Krist Novoselić op-ed in today's Spokesman Review.

February 7, 2022

"Ranked choice got a bad rap in Pierce County. Here’s why WA voters deserve chance to try it."" BY SENATOR YASMIN TRUDEAU AND SENATOR T’WINA NOBLES (Tacoma News Tribune)

Sen. Yasmin Trudeau

Great op-ed in Tacoma News Tribune.

February 5, 2022

The Joseph O’Sullivan story states, "Inslee, Washington Democrats push election bills, as they weigh threats to democracy, is about a bill that would make it 'a gross misdemeanor for elected officials or candidates to lie about election results if those lies lead to violence'”.


February 2, 2022



What it is and why you should support it: The bill, known as Local Options (SB 5584 in the Senate, SHB 1156 in the House), gives local jurisdictions the option to use Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).


☞ Elects demographic minority candidacies more viable [READ THIS CONSERVATIVES IN DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOMINATED AREAS✓], including third-party candidacies, reducing domination of elected positions by narrow demographic majorities;

☞☞ Proportional Representation Advocates hope to pass a version of RCV that permits its use not just in single-winner races (e.g. mayor) but in multi-winner elections for councils and such, rather than having arbitrary ‘position numbers’ that constrain choice and, again, lead to unrepresentative dominance of such bodies by narrow majorities.

Note this bill does not require RCV of any jurisdiction, it just gives them the choice to do so, hence the name ‘Local Options’. (In answer to the common question “Can’t local jurisdictions do this already?” the answer in Washington State is “no”, it requires passage of this bill.) For a quick overview of RCV, see this excellent article from Sightline.

Who supports it: The bills main sponsors are T’wina Nobles and Yasmin Trudeau in the Senate and Kirsten Harris-Talley in the House, notably all women of color. Sightline, Progress Alliance, Fuse, FairVote WA, and coalitions including over 60 BIPOC orgs all support Local Options (see here and here).

It’s not new, just better: RCV is not a new or unproven idea. More than 500 RCV elections have been conducted across the US; in 2022 it will have been adopted in 50 cities and counties, including 2 US states; and Australia and Ireland use it for their national elections.

In particular;

☞ House Speaker Laurie Jinkins needs to be told specifically to please schedule 1156 for a floor vote!

☞ The following as-of-yet unsecured swing House votes need to know of your support for the bill: Shelley Kloba, Lisa Callan, Bill Ramos, Tina Orwall, Steve Tharinger, and Melanie Morgan. If you still have energy and have a relationship with her, Rep. Sharon Tomiko-Santos is, for no reason she’s able to clarify, opposed to RCV and needs to know of your support.

☞ Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig needs to know of your support.

☞ The following unsecured members of Senate Ways & Means need to be asked to support the bill and ensure it gets out of Ways & Means before the Feb 7th cutoff: Chair Christine Rolfes, Vice-Chair David Frockt, Karen Keiser, and Lisa Wellman. Steve Conway and Reuven Carlyle are long-shots but if you know them well, contact them!

If you still have the time & energy, feel free to contact any other legislators you know just to let them know that you care about this bill and – in the case of Nobles, Trudeau, and Harris-Talley – to thank them for their leadership. All contact info can be found at . If you do email, Cc the legislative assistant for each. Unclear which is better, voicemail or email, so if you’re motivated, do both!🌝

Thanks to Jabe Blumenthal for writing this call to action. / ✓ My addition — Krist

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