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☮️ April 21, 2024 🪭

That's me on accordion!

☮️ April 16, 2024 🪜

Jon Foster

Carnation is the Secret of Failure-Proof Gravy.

☮️ April 13, 2024 🔊

Mark and Krist

Pickerel in Ellensburg today. I brought my bass and we jammed. We were discussing the Shocking Blue and their excellent music. We jammed on "Love Buzz"! I realized I had not played that song in over 30 years!!! It was a little emotional. Mark and I locked right in, and are planning on playing together more.

😌 April 12, 2024 ☄😎

Dave, Pat & Krist
1994 Grammys (Virginia Hanlon Grohl)

🐢 April 5, 2024 ☄️

Cockpit view of clouds.

Big anniversary today. 30 years since Kurt left us. I can't say enough how much this person has impacted my life, and how much he means to me. Kurt could be so kind and loving. His intensity manifested in artistic expression. Billions of people connect. I am so grateful to be part of this. Today I remember everything about Kurt Cobain. (23mb video.)

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