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👉 Bona Fide Band Shows!

✒️July 1. 2024🖊️

Washington registered voters — Sign Our Digital Nominating Petition. The state ties qualifying for minor party status to the presidential ballot. We do not want to be on the presidential ballot — we want to start a new party.

☮︎June 23. 2024☯︎

Bona Fide Band shows are coming along. Two so far. Great attendance in West Seattle and Aberdeen. Great crowds into the music. Today is Ellensburg. Artist Jeff Barlow captured impressions of the Bona Fide Band in W. Seattle.

Artistic image of Bona Fide Band

Artistic image of Bona Fide Band

Artistic image of Bona Fide Band

Artistic image of Bona Fide Band

Here is an image of me just before performing at Easy Street Records. There is a great account of the show in the West Seattle Blog. That's Charles Peterson's head in front of me. I dedicated "Love Buzz" to Charles after seeing him in front of the stage with his camera; reminding me of ye good olde days. Next night in Aberdeen I dedicated the song to Kim Cobain who was at the show!



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