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April 13, 2021

EASY SLEAZY - Mich Jagger with Dave Grohl

This is a very pleasant surprise. But not really surprised it ROCKS! Been listening over and over – as all good music compels the soul. Two of my favorite musicians collaborating. I see Dave's part was recorded at 606.

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April 10, 2021

Daffodils in my kitchen.

Here is a the concluding paragraph of Anatole France’s Penguin Island (1908) L'Île des Pingouins BOOK VI. MODERN TIMES. THE AFFAIR OF THE EIGHTY THOUSAND TRUSSES OF HAY There are many stories that comprise Penguin Island and BOOK VI. is a parody of the Dreyfus Affair. The parody, if not the real event, is relevant to today's politically polarized United States. The character Bidault-Coquille reflects in the aftermath of what happened in France's story from the ideal setting of his celestial observatory. The words below resonate.

“You considered yourself sublime when you had but candor and good-will. Of what were you around, Bidault-Coquille? Of having been one of the first to know that Pyrot was innocent and Greatauk a scoundrel. But three-fourths of those who defended Greatauk against the attacks of the seven hundred Pyrotists knew that better than you. Of what then did you show yourself so proud? Of having dared to say what you thought? That is civic courage, and, like military courage, it is a mere result of imprudence. You have been imprudent. So far so good, but that is no reason for praising yourself beyond measure. Your imprudence was trifling; it exposed you to trifling perils; you did not risk your head by it. The Penguins have lost that cruel and sanguinary pride, which formerly gave a tragic grandeur to their revolutions; it is the fatal result of the weakening of beliefs and character. Ought one to look upon oneself as a superior spirit for having shown a little more clear-sightedness than the vulgar? I am very much afraid, on the contrary, Bidault-Coquille, that you have given proof of a gross misunderstanding of the conditions of the moral and intellectual development of a people. You imagined that social injustices were threaded together like pearls and that it would be enough to pull off one in order to unfasten the whole necklace. That is a very ingenious conception. You flattered yourself that at one stroke you were establishing justice in your own country and in the universe. You were a brave man, an honest idealist, though without such experimental philosophy. But go home to your own heart and you will recognize that you had in you a spice of malice and that our ingenuousness was not without cunning. You believed you were performing a fine moral action. You said to yourself: ‘Here am I, just and courageous once and for all. I can henceforth repose in the public esteem and the praise of historians.’ And know that you have lost your illusions, now that you know how hard it is to redress wrongs, and that the talk must ever be begun afresh, you are going back to your asteroids. You are right; but go back to them with modesty, Bidault-Coquille”

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April 7, 2021

Good for Over the Bridge with promoting healing regarding mental health in the music community. Seriously. However, some folks fed all of the Nirvana tunes into a Google app, which used artificial intelligence to produce a generic Nirvana tune. Fair enough. Nevertheless, the bass line in their result sucks!!! It is nothing like a Nirvana bass line. Give me a few minutes and I could turn that dreadful tune around!!!!

There's more......

Cicero with 1999 S500.

I am on the air tomorrow the 8th with KMUN radio. You can stream my program from most anywhere in the world, 1 to 3pm Pacific (2000 to 2200 GMT). I play a lot of vinyl from many periods of the Rock era. This week you can hear new Hearty HAR and also and more! Two hours of jams! Also, pitching for the station's spring pledge drive, so you'll be hearing my spiel more than usual. Click here to make a contribution to the station.

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April 5, 2021


Kurt with wine glass.

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April 4, 2021

YAKIMA VOTER is a digital pamphlet proposing petitioning a federal court, which imposed Yakima’s current voting system, to change to a modified at-large / district hybrid system. It's a good resource for this developing issue.

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Did some flying last week. Passing over the Cascade range with great views of Rainier and St. Helens.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. St. Helens

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Another current music / art project: Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole It is a spoken word music collaboration with Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, with help from Giants in the Trees string player Ray Prestegard. The new film, The Dark Divide is based on Pyle and stars David Cross as our favorite lepidopterist. This link will take you to the YouTube trailer.

Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole album review: Washington State Magazine

I hold a B.S. in Social Sciences and am interested in public policy: MY ESSAYS

Follow the link where you will find a collection of writing from over the past ten years. I mostly focus on voting systems and political association.

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Redistricting in Washington: Part 1 (January 4, 2021)

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