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🎤March 22, 2023🎥

Thank you Butch Vig and Rick Beato for the kind words. Great memories and am moved by the recollections. Am also humbled. Great to hear Smashing Pumpkins. In fact, loving Atum and listening every day. "Beguiled" rocks!

Bass guitars on couch.
Oxblood Chesterfield with chillin' basses and bass book.

Just bought a couple of bass guitars. Guild B-301 and B-302 from mid-1970s. Lots of patina. Have not plugged them into an amp yet. Got them online, on a whim. Also, obtained the RD Artist last year. This one has the Moog electronics removed by someone and pickups replaced with Alembic. Great sounding bass. The usual Artist has a big circuit board for the Moog effects, and these pickups sound good too. My RD Artist and Standard that I played in Nirvana are now in a special vault. I was playing these basses at gigs until 2020 and Darbury said I would lose them or be stolen. So I needed some replacements. I put the Nirvana sticker on the RD in the image as an nod to my Nirvana basses. Finally, notice Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass. This 408-page hardcover book showcases the bulk of Geddy’s personal collection of bass guitars. The image is Geddy on an oxblood Chesterfield. Darbury and I just got the same kind of couch. I think I own 10 basses.



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