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November 30, 2023

Lenin bumper sticker
Bolshevik spotting in Seattle.

I have been collecting vintage Murray Bookchin anarchist pamphlets. Just finished reading "Listen Marxist!". Bookchin decries the Marxism which was en vouge in the late 60s and early 70s.

Once again the dead are walking in our midst — ironically, draped in the name of Marx, the man who tried to bury the dead of the nineteenth century. So the revolution of our own day can do nothing better than parody, in turn, the October Revolution of 1917 and the civil war of 1918–1920, with its “class line,” its Bolshevik Party, its “proletarian dictatorship,” its puritanical morality, and even its slogan, “soviet power.” The complete, all-sided revolution of our own day that can finally resolve the historic “social question,” born of scarcity, domination and hierarchy, follows the tradition of the partial, the incomplete, the one-sided revolutions of the past, which merely changed the form of the “social question,” replacing one system of domination and hierarchy by another.

Bookchin offers a good critique of Bolshevism and its history in Russia. He writes, "The Russian Revolution failed miserably; it replaced czarism by state capitalism." Bookchin is decrying centralization. Am currently pondering his idea of post scarcity. The pamphlet states,

The dead must be permitted to bury the dead. Marxism is dead because it was rooted in an era of material scarcity, limited in its possibilities by material want. The most important social message of Marxism is that freedom has material preconditions — we must survive in order to live. With the development of a technology that could not have been conceived by the wildest science fiction of Marx’s day, the possibility of a post-scarcity society now lies before us. All the institutions of propertied society — class rule, hierarchy, the patriarchal family, bureaucracy, the city, the state — have been exhausted. Today, decentralization is not only desirable as a means of restoring the human scale, it is necessary to recreate a viable ecology, to preserve life on this planet from destructive pollutants and soil erosion, to preserve a breathable atmosphere and the balance of nature. The promotion of spontaneity is necessary if the social revolution is to place each individual in control of his everyday life.

I do not agree with the idea that the "institutions" —our social contract— have been exausted. However, I like the rest of this statement. But what about people who cannot realize the freedom post-scarcity can offer? What about the many who choose to abuse drugs, watch mindless television or internet streaming? People who gorge on abundant things like donuts? The walking dead indeed!

November 25, 2023

Krist with Geddy Lee
In the Temple of Geddy.

Geddy Lee was in Seattle last night promoting his new book "My Effin Life". Geddy asked me to interview him as part of a presentation to a packed Moore Theater. In preparation, I read the book and it is a great story about a person and the iconic Rock band RUSH. I first met Geddy and Alex Lifeson in London at the Taylor Hawkins memorial concert. We hit it off right away and visited in the corner of a bar for a long while. Alex (Aleksandar Živojinović) is Serbian and he and I really connected.

Geddy is touring promoting his book and will have a special suprise guest joining him every night. Don't miss this!

November 8, 2023

Darbury in front of posters
Show posters.

There was kind of a 3rd Secret show last Sunday in Naselle. Jennifer, Jillian, Matt and I performed some of our acoustic songs. Darbury has textile shows coming up at the same location.

October 29, 2023

Blackie Onassis
R.I.P. Blackie Onassis


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My latest essay on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) fostering political associaiton. This piece is also part of first hand experience with RCV in Pierce County, Washington.

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