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🇺🇸May 27, 2024🇺🇸

Bona Fide Band.
The Bona Fide Band

The Bona Fide Band have been assembled for the purpose of drawing people to Cascade Party conventions. In Washington State, to be recognized as a bona fide party, the group must hold a political convention, or a series of them. Hence the name Bona Fide Band. I am the bass and accordionist. Jillian Raye and Jennifer Johnson are on vocals (Jillian will play some bass too.). Drums are original Screaming Trees drummer Mark Pickerel. Guitarist is Kathy Moore. We are putting a set together of mostly Giants in the Trees and 3rd Secret songs, but there will be covers of covers — and we visit Sreaming Trees. Even though the shows are technically political conventions, there will be very little politics. I kindly ask Washington registered voters to sign our nominating petitions. Our first announced performance is in Aberdeen at "Make Music Day" on June 21. More shows coming for June and July!

🇺🇸May 20, 2024🇺🇸

Krist accordion Tik Tok.

The presidential run is moving along. We're having a nominating convention on May 29. If you joined the Cascade Party HumHub, there is more information there. I write about the situation here. The state is considering changing the rules which require a minior party to run a presidential ticket to be recognized as a bona fide party. In the meantime, we are following the current rules and organizing presidential nominating conventions. I started a new band with which will play concerts around the state to attract registered voters to sign our nominating petitions (More later, we have our second practice session in a few days). You don't have to vote the Novoselić / Carroll ticket in November if you sign the nominating petition. We plan on doing everything we can to not be on the November ballot.

We started a Tik Tok for Cascade Party. The ruling War Machine hates Tik Tok, so it seems like the place to be. We are also on X. The Warfare State hates them too.

🐙May 13, 2024🤷‍♂️

Presidential Plate.

More on this soon — I might be running for President of the United States, but in Washington State only. It's sounds crazy as it's actually part of the rules if you want to start a new political party in the state. Read about it here, how we're trying to get the state to change this rule.

🌺May 8, 2024🌾

Visible Woman statue.

Sorry to hear about Steve Albini and condolences to the family. Am shocked. Steve’s relation to the Nirvana story is part of the legend, so I will try to make some personal recollections. Steve, was a notorious personality in the underground music scene of the 1980s. He was a heavy. Steve made hard music which reflected his persona. He said things at the time that he later explained with contrition. Steve studied journalism and spoke highly to me of Mike Royko. After this conversation I thought of Steve as a journalist, or gave him that kind of weight. He and I did not agree on some political things, nevertheless, we did not let that affect our relationship. Living with Steve for the two weeks we recorded In Utero, I got to see his soft side. There was an adolescent aspect, harmless fun loving that I appreciated. All the same, the weighty Steve was not too far away. Anytime I hear the snare drum on Pixies Surfer Rosa, I will remember Steve. Heavy indeed.

🤪May 1, 2024😜

Darbury and Krist
(Devendra Banhart)

Darka and I at Coachella 2018. I played accordion with Devendra Banhart and the band! He even paid me, which I did not expect!!! I am a longtime fan and am happy I got to play with he and the fellows.



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