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June 7, 2021

Nirvana in Hustler

Nirvana Full of Shit

My recollections of visting the Flynt Publications building.

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May 30, 2021

Mother George

Picked up this book at the local little library. I connected with this paragraph:

"If the outstanding youths are corrupted who will be left, then, for the practice of philosophy but the mediocrities, attracted by the showy dignity of it all? These men have little to offer but sophisms. Other than these, there are a handful, here and there, devoted to true philosophy because they are fed up with the madness of the multitude and with the corruption of the political world (496 D). A man of this small minority can do little to correct the world, nor will he join its madness. He is content if he can cultivate his own garden and be left in peace. (Strange thoughts from an Athenian, they for whom public life was as natural as breathing.)"

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May 28, 2021

The Washington State History Museum features seldom-spotlighted history in Crossing Boundaries: Portraits of a Transgender West”

On May 29, the eve of Pride Month, the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma will open an original exhibition about transgender people in the West from the 1860s to the 1940s. The exhibition was created in collaboration with Dr. Peter Boag, an historian, author, and educator at Washington State University Vancouver. Crossing Boundaries: Portraits of a Transgender West highlights specific people who moved west and changed their activities, clothing, and behaviors to lead lives that fit more with their sense of self. Their life stories illuminate the exhibition’s themes of visibility, identity, acceptance, and history – themes that remain significant in the queer community today. Through historic newspaper clippings and artifacts, Crossing Boundaries considers how westward migration provided these individuals and others with opportunities for self-expression and fulfillment.

Mother George


Black settlers were the first to settle Idaho’s Grays Lake Valley in the 1860s. One of the many people who came west was George Holmes, known as “Mother George.” Mother George served as a midwife for many of the families in the valley, remaining in the area even after harsh winters drove many settlers out in the 1880s. She was believed to be of Black and Native descent. Although many people commented on her unusually large hands, it was not until her death around 1919 that those around her determined to their satisfaction that she had a male body. Image courtesy of Museum of Idaho.

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May 26, 2021

Wait here for Nirvana. I have Covid hair, or what's left of my hair. Nice vest Darka made for me.

Krist at MoPop.

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May 20, 2021

I found a small animal skull in the woods. A carnivore.

Krist with skull.

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I am best known for playing bass in the Punk band-gone-mega Nirvana

I currently play in this band: Giants in the Trees

Another current music / art project: Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole It is a spoken word music collaboration with Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, with help from Giants in the Trees string player Ray Prestegard. The new film, The Dark Divide is based on Pyle and stars David Cross as our favorite lepidopterist. This link will take you to the YouTube trailer.

Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole album review: Washington State Magazine

I hold a B.S. in Social Sciences and am interested in public policy: MY ESSAYS

Follow the link where you will find a collection of writing from over the past ten years. I mostly focus on voting systems and political association.

Krist Testimony


Redistricting in Washington: Part 1 (January 4, 2021)

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