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January 17, 2022

New CASCADE PARTY post below.

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January 13, 2022

Darbury textiles with music equipment.

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January 12, 2022

VHS clip from 1990. Who were this Seattle band that lost their gear in the fire? Note: Analog Era artifacts.

UPDATE: Tim Gabor informs me the name of the band who lost their gear in the blaze was Son of Man.

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I am currently the only member of the Cascade Party. Tired of being politically homeless, so am technically a member of a party now. And this section of the blog is about policy and it lacked a title; so there you go!

January 17, 2022

Washington Ballot Disclaimer

I commented on a Seattle Times story this morning.

The Joseph O’Sullivan story states, "Inslee, Washington Democrats push election bills, as they weigh threats to democracy, is about a bill that would make it 'a gross misdemeanor for elected officials or candidates to lie about election results if those lies lead to violence'”.

I need to look into this bill, but on the surface, it seems like censorship. The story also states “An attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington said the organization has 'initial concerns' about the proposal”. Wow! A glimpse of the old-fashioned ACLU! I like it.

I perused the comments and wasted time on reading some good points, some ignorance, and some funny stuff—which I enjoy. As far as ignorance goes, the commenter bipartisan wrote,

"How about republicans actually put up a candidate that isn’t lying all of the time about elections and actually, I don’t know, believes in science?"

I had to reply

"Dear bipartisan,

Washington ballots do not allow any party to put up a candidate. That is the key feature / legal trick of the "Prefers Party" ballot disclaimer. Any candidate can prefer a party, while that party —on the ballot itself— has no rebuttal. In a normal democracy, there would have been one Democrat and one Republican — among independents and third parties on the 2020 governor's primary ballot line. Instead, it was a confusing free-for-all with rampant vote-splitting among candidates preferring the Republican Party. The problem was not relaxed ballot access because of the pandemic, the problem is state policy (and public attitudes) that take a wrecking ball to political association. Don't get me wrong, I am also against public partisan primaries. My point supports free association where groups nominate their candidates and the voters sort them out.

Before anyone brings on the tropes about party bosses, smoked filled back rooms and other ignorance — look at how the Virginia GOP, as a private group, nominated candidates on their own, through an inclusive process. The Virginia GOP won the governors office."

There you have it, voters like bipartisan are confused about the disclaimers on Washington ballots. (Check out the flier above that is part of the ballot. It's the same for 2020.) And things only get murkier – as there were thirty six candidates on the 2020 primary ballot. At least ten candidates preferred the Republican Party. The second highest vote getter was the hapless Loren Culp, gaining 17.41 percent of the vote. Incumbent governor Jay Inslee won a majority with 50.14 percent in the first round. Traditionally, with a rational democratic system, a second round of voting / runoff is only required when no candidate wins a majority. Holding an automatic runoff / second ballot is another aspect of Washington's irrational voting system that's worth discussing – but we'll leave that for another time. Instead, take a look at my review of Seth's Masket's 2016 study The Inevitable Party: Why Attempts to Kill the Party System Fail and How they Weaken Democracy. Oxford University Press. Masket shows how politicial special interests dominate legislative bodies as a consequence of anti-party laws enacted by misguided voters and legislators.

Olympia needs to pass a bill this session to get rid of the PREFERS PARTY ballot disclaimers if they really want democratic reform. VOTE CASCADE PARTY!

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January 12, 2022

More Equitable Democracy Banner

George Cheung of More Equitable Democracy says it all. This is why I support MED. And by the way, winner-take-all elections, and the gerrymandering they foster, are also bad for conservatives and white people—regardless of their political orientation—because proportional representation gives a voice to people by sharing seats elected to government.

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I hold a B.S. in Social Sciences and am interested in public policy. I am currently attending Lewis & Clark College studying for a Master of Studies (MSL) in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law.


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