August 2, 2023

Senator Sanders nails it in this video. He speaks to the $886 billion armaments expenditure with no accountability and how it's a colossal scam. Militarism is bad for the environment. It is a waste of industrial potential to create products that destroy while guzzling fossil fuels. The neoconservative Uniparty are in control.

July 31, 2023

Seattle Times story on Controversial WA timber sale near Elwha River rankles conservationists, Port Angeles leaders.

Cedar Stump The story by Isabella Breda covers the 126-acre Power Plant timber sale, slated to gross, "$657,000 to harvest some of the trees from the sale, which make up less than 1% of the Elwha watershed".

Clallam County needs the money. "Randy Johnson, a Clallam County commissioner, said that while it may be easy for counties like King to step back and say they’d like to preserve a chunk of forest and forfeit the revenue, Clallam doesn’t have the luxury. 'We’re A, a rural area, and B, we’re not the most well-off county,' Johnson said. 'Those dollars matter — where are we going to make up for that shortfall?'"

Washington motorists are paying the highest gas prices in the USA. This, due to our Cap and Trade gas tax. How much money does this tax raise a day? At the same time, the state is cutting carbon sequestering forest?!

This is a bad deal for taxpayers. There should be money for schools and trees in our country! You can't even buy a house in Seattle for $657,000! Meanwhile, reports, "The Senate on Thursday night passed its version of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act in a vote of 86-11. The bill authorizes a record $886 billion in military spending".

Our state's federal representatives have other priorities — they're not helping the unhoused, mentally ill and addicted suffering on our streets!!!!!! Wasting trillions of dollars on armaments because of neo-conservative warfare state policies is like paying the arsonist to put out the fire. What a scam!

June 28, 2023


A Los Angeles councilman actually mentioned the possiblity of using artificial intelligence to draw new districts for the city council. Mike Feinstein has a better idea; why not voters decide who best represents them?

Request for a study by the Chief Legislative Analyst of the impacts of using proportional ranked choice voting to elect LA’s city council

Even with an independent redistricting commission drawing district lines, redistricting for single-seat districts will always remain problematic and controversial, because it will always involve a discretionary choice about which voters win representation and which do not. This was brought home at the Ad Hoc Committee’s April 13 meeting, when Councilman Harris-Dawson posited the idea of an artificial intelligence program that could factor in all of the variables that are part of the redistricting process, and magically produce a map that met all of the requirements. Yet even in such a theoretical case, he predicted that many groups and individuals would inevitably argue for different maps, all for reasons of their own advantage. That’s because single-seat districts can’t deliver broad and diverse representation to all of them."

Read the whole article by Mike Feinstein. Mr. Feinstein is former mayor and city council member in Santa Monica, CA.

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