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June 5, 2023

Fusion Voting headline on Substack.

Steven Hill on Substack covering Fusion Voting.

Matt Taibbi graphic gagged and bound.

The Democratic Party’s Crucifixion of Matt Taibbi

"There are three steps to destroying a reporter who can’t be bought off or intimidated. The first is a campaign by the powerful, whose lies and crimes have been exposed, along with their obsequious courtiers in the press, to discredit the reporting. The second is a sustained campaign of character assassination. The third is persecution carried out once the reporter’s credibility has been weakened, his or her ability to publish or broadcast is degraded and public support has eroded." Chris Hedges, May 28, 2023

April 6, 2023

Wall St. Journal screenshot
Propagandists supporting anti-democratic lawmakers.

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Assaulting Democracy.

Warfare State Propagandists on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal are going after Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Their ignorance is stunning with their criticism of RCV, "Voters are forced to choose “backup” choices they don’t like, or risk being disenfranchised. Some voters find the system so confusing they stay home, potentially depressing turnout." This statement is criticizing runoff elections, used in countless places in the United States and world!

Look at the 2020 general election ballot for Washington State governor. The hapless Loren Culp's appearance on the general election ballot was a major derailment of our state's voting system resulting in incumbent Jay Inslee's shoo-in for reelection. Let's compare gubernatorial primary and general election results and voters' second choices.

Culp won 433,238 in the primary election, coming in second place among a crowded field of candidates, to qualify for the general — where he then garnered 1,749,066 votes. That's 1,315,828 primary voters who made Culp their second choice on the general election ballot. Who forced over a million voters to make Culp their second choice in the general election; when there were also 1,938 write-in votes counted?

My example above reveals how propagandists tend to slip and spout nonsense — which is the nature of lying.

The insiders and self-serving lawmakers are circling the wagons with their assault on Ranked Choice Voting. Current existing anti-democratic rules are not enough for the insiders: State monopolies on major party nominations which suppress political association, ballot access barriers for independents and third-parties work well for the status quo. WSJ know RCV is empowering voters and are supporting the assault to protect the broken system that suits the hegemony.

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