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February 14, 2024

Krist on Seattle Street.
Selfie on Seattle Street. Notice Space Needle in image.

February 12, 2024

Joe Biden with glowing red eyes.
I know the neoconservatives are evil. This was a Biden Tweet. We're living in a horror movie.

February 8, 2024


Krist with VW

Was cruising westbound on SR4 last month, passing the county line into Pacific Co., and spotted broken down Super Beetle. The car sat for two weeks. There was a cold weather period where snow and ice had frozen, so the tow truck could not make it to haul off the sad Beetle. I contacted local Washington State Patrol office and they said the owner had called early on regarding the stranded rig, but never called back. I asked to leave my number if the owner wanted to sell it. They did not have the contact number. I drove by and checked the car out on the side of the road. It is in pretty decent shape, but was full of garbage. Oh yes, there was an engine fire — which explains the breakdown. Luckily, it appears there was an extinguisher handy and the damage was minimal considering what a fire can do.

Black VW

Eventually, the Beetle was gone and I called some tow companies. The car was in Ocean Park, at the north end of the Long Beach peninsula. The owner of the company said the car would be put up for auction in 19 days if the owner did not retrieve it — and pay the $1k+ fees. Yesterday I went to the auction and was the only person bidding. I bought the car for $401.00 — four-hundred and one dollars!

VW with Nirvana Shirt

We hauled the car home on a trailer and Brandon started to clean the garbage out. Here is a text from him:

Car is gnarly, I have most cleared. It smells wretched. Leaving both doors to air out before I can get very back, there are baby diapers and full grown diapers, thankfully none used. Lots of wet clothing the shop here will be best to run dehumidifier and fans to dry out. There was a nirvana shirt 👕 it must be meant to be for you to get this bug🐞

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