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🎛️August 25, 2023📀

Krist in studio.
In the studio.

🥂August 17, 2023🍹

Darbury and drinks.
Hot summer night cocktails. No air conditioning.

🧚‍♂️August 15, 2023🎯

Krist & Darbury.
Pit stop on plane adventure

👍August 11, 2023🕶️

Andrew Yang.
Andrew Yang, Darbury and Krist in Santa Monica!

🕺August 3, 2023💫

Cucumber patch is jammin'. Pickles are comin' on!!!

🕺August 3, 2023💫

Beck Selfie

🌪️August 1, 2023❤️‍🩹

Sinead O'Connor.
Bridge of Hope. (Alamy Images)

So sorry to hear Sinéad O'Connor has left us. Her music has moments that really touch me. My favorite song of hers is “Red Football”. She sings, “This animal will jump up and eat you”, an allegory of a taunted crocodile in the zoo — a gripping song of defiance.

I bought the Universal Mother CD at a big display for the release at Tower Records in Seattle’s University District in 1994. “John, I Love You“ floored me on the spot when I put it on my home stereo. It was the second verse that is so profound. I was really grieving Kurt’s death and would have deep moments; seeing a bird on a window sill would be an object of transcendental beauty. This second verse spoke to where I was at the moment. Tears can lead to hope. Unlike the defiance in “Red Football”, "John, I Love You” was about hope and carrying on in life. The line, “We’re not spinning like Dorothy” conjured the “Heart Shaped Box” video — haunting to this day. I wish Kurt could have seen there was life beyond the dark place he was at.

Sinéad O'Connor was struggling too. Some people just can't make it. Sorry to say this.

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