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July 28, 2023

Spar Pole Cover.
Butterfly Launches From Spar Pole

Butterfly Launches From Spar Pole website is back in action. Dr. Robert Michael Pyle and I will be updating the site with all kinds of exciting information that you cannot live without. As I mentioned in my essay below about my recording endeavors since 2017, the Spar Pole music was dropped from the streams due to me not paying attention😫. I take the blame! This is what I get for spreading myself around too much! I know you can hear the material on YouTube music but have not seen it on Amazon or Spotify. Anyway, there is a trip report on the Spar Pole site from Bob about his lecture in Lausanne, Switzerland. We're planning new music and videos. In the mean time, for all of the rabid Spar Pole fans, we'll be updating our site at a reasonably frequent rate.

My alma mater Washington State University: Bob Pyle interview with Adriana Janovich for WSU Magazine.

July 25, 2023

Krist with Horse statue.
Half Horse

I HAVE RELEASED FIVE RECORDS SINCE 2017. My latest essay on the music I have made over the past six years.

😍July 24, 2023😘

Boy Genius Rolling Stone Cover

July 21, 2023☆

Krist, Tony Bennett, Dave & Pat
Jeff Kravitz for Getty Images

The elegance of Tony Bennett. 1994 MTV Video Music Awards.

July 20, 2023☆

Michele and Jacob w/ Disney Hall
Jacob McMurray and Michele Y. Smith contemplate as Geary looms.

July 18, 2023☆


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