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☆December 8, 2022☆

Geddy, guitar and Donovan.


☆December 4, 2022☆

Tomato and canning setup.

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☆November 23, 2022☆

Right Engine view of Seattle.

Oh man! Where does the time go!!! Have been up to so much. Jamming with the 3rd Secret. Did some other things that will be announced soon enough. Got a new laptop. Blood pressure is great. Have been flying. The image is Seattle off my right engine. Plane is going for annual inspection in December. Good time to be in the shop as weather is a challenge this time of year. Will try to be better with updates. — Krist

☆November 12, 2022☆

Leslie Stein Illustration
I ❤ Leslie Stein.

We Need to Talk About Your Nirvana Shirt

☆November 10, 2022☆

Krist, Bubba & Kim
Krist, Bubba and Kim going over riffs.

Where does the time go? Been converging with other 3rd Secret members to start another record. Flying my plane, except during low pressure events / storms. I have a lot of tomatoes to can. Will dry some in the oven to pack in olive oil. There are many, many tomatoes I grew and had to pick before the frost came. Feeling good and being active. — Krist

☆November 2, 2022☆

Black Walnut Tree

Fall came so suddenly after a very dry October. The Black Walnut tree.

🕺Rocktober 30, 2022🕺

🕺Rocktober 24, 2022🕺

Jars of stewed tomatoes.
10 quarts of stewed cherry tomatoes. Pickled peppers too in tomato brine.

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